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PO Box 311410
Houston, TX 77231
United States

Hi, I am all about providing beautiful-unique patterns and informative books. The patterns and books that I publish come with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. My interests in crafts are in quilts, dolls, appliques, small woodworking projects and Christmas projects--just to name a few.  As you will soon see, Tracy's Quilts and Crafts Designs patterns may require materials that range from fabrics to wood and then to polymer clay. I love crafting. In 2006, I started designing professionally. Actually, my start was simply to complete a quilt that I started from my daughter 25 plus years before. As I worked  on that quilt, ideas just flowed.



Hello welcome to Tracy's Quilts and Crafts Designs, the home of crafting and fashion. I published several fantastic craft books. My books are sold on and are available to other retail stores.